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The Dark Realm ( Feyland #1)

Feyland: The Dark Realm - Anthea Sharp


I was given this book for an honest review.


Jennet is a spoiled rich girl whose daddy helps design and market the Feyland and the gaming system it play on. She is the first to play the prototype and gets immersed in the fairy tale game. But, something goes horribly wrong. The game is not what she thinks it is.  Her father had to move to a new town and Jennet had to go with him because she needs to be with the game Feyland. She spends her time trying to find the best gamer in this poorer school she now attends. After finding him she has to convince him she shouldn’t be judged just because she has money and that she needs him to help her beat this game. 


Tam Lin is a quiet poor boy from the bad side or town. He keeps to himself and has family issues that keeps him from wanting to make friends. He is also the best gamer in town. 


Watching Tam-Lin’s and Jennets friendship was sweet. It had a lot of mistrust and secrets but slowly the began to trust each other and believe in each other. I enjoyed the whole Fey gaming world. I personally play video games and can become immersed in them ( or before kids I could now I’m a sporadic game player) . The gaming story was beautiful and imaginative it was not the sweet fairytales it was like the classic ones where there was good, bad, trickery and taught you a lesson.  I loved how she intertwined the ballad of Tam-Lin into the book. 


I enjoyed this book. I do not think its my age range but It was a good read. I would recommend this to any 12 year old or YA fans. Especially if they like gaming and Faery tales. I can see myself picking up the rest of the series for a fun, quick, light read. But like I said I would definitely recommend this to the YA/ younger YA gaming/ Faery Tale fans. 


Well written, fun, enjoyable, YA book. Love the gaming faery tale.

Earth ( Invasion trilogy #1) by Jessica Frances

Earth (The Invasion Trilogy) (Volume 1) - Jessica Frances

This book was given to me for an honest review:


Two brothers from the planet Oden come to Earth to do some scouting before the people of their planet invade and take it over. Marduke is ready to call his father and cancel the invasion because he actually sees kindness and love in humans and thinks we can be taught to take better care of the planet. His brother on the other hand has moved up the invasion date and it has begun. There is black outs in communication all across the world as machines start shooting blasters at humans.


In the beginning Marduke is all holed up in this apartment while his brother goes out and does reconnaissance He gets sick of being inside all day and goes out to a park where he sees Mattie running. He finds her extremely beautiful and from then on starts going to the park more often trying to get a glimpse of her or see if he develops feelings as strong as he had for Mattie towards any other female. Instead he sees a lot of caring, kind, loving humans who are worth saving.  Mattie is a girl from a different country going to college in Oregon. She has two close friends who mean the world to her. When the world goes black and the aliens start to attack Mattie joins her friends and other college students to fight these machines. Poorly and quickly trained Mattie, Lisa and Hank set off to head to Canada to see what is going on up there.


In this story we get to watch as Mattie and her friends try to survive and help stop the machines from taking over. They meet up with Marduke and we get to watch as they accept him and his struggle between wanting to be accepted and telling them the truth of who he is. We get to read about Mattie and Mardukes relationship and watch it grow as they learn to trust each other. 


The book is told from both Mattie’s and Marduke’s point of view and I enjoyed it . It was nice seeing how they perceived everything and what they were thinking. The action parts were well written and made you want to keep turning the pages to see if the humans can take down the alien machines.  I enjoyed reading about Mardukes and Mattie’s relationship. The story is about survival, forgiveness, acceptance, love, and relationships ( not just Mattie’s and Marduke’s but their friendship with the other characters).The ending was heartbreaking but left hope. I look forward to finishing this trilogy and seeing how the people of Earth retaliate and what happens with Mattie, Marduke and the other characters I was introduced to.


To me it seemed like a cross between the TV show Starcrossed and War of the Worlds. I enjoy both of those so this book was great. 


This book contains some swearing and light sexual content. 


Enjoyable, fun, action filled, sci/fi romance read. 

The God Organ By Anthony J. Melchiorri

The God Organ - Anthony J Melchiorri

A Futuristic Medical Mystery set in the year 2036. An artificial implant named Sustain helps grant those who can afford to get it near immortality.  Now those who could afford to get them are suddenly dying off. 


This book had me hooked in the preface. Not even into the first Chapter and I all of sudden was intrigued by what is going on. We take this thriller of a ride trying to figure out why these people who are supposed to be living longer healthier lives are all of a sudden dying. The story is written from many point of views of people who have crossed paths with or are actually affected by what is going on at Lyfegen and their issue with the Sustain malfunctioning.  Also it seems to touch on ethics. How far would you go to keep your job? What would you do to keep your friends? 


The twist and turns in plot was wonderful and trying to figure who or what causes the Sustain to fail was a fun mystery to try and solve. The ending was perfect.


 I also liked the whole aspect that this may be what our future is looking forward to It actually caused my husband I to have a wonderful discussion about immortality and the effects it would have on the economy and what would we do if we had the option to get something like the Sustain. 


This book was a very enjoyable science fiction medical mystery/thriller. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery/thriller.

Wicked by Jennifer L Armentrout

Wicked - Jennifer L. Armentrout


Wicked Saga book !

Jennifer L Armentrout


There are authors out there that I love to read so much that I do not even think twice when picking up their newest book. Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn has never disappointed me. I love her YA and Adult books. 


Now as for my review on Wicked. I loved the New Orleans setting and the descriptions of the buildings it makes me want to go there. Ivy is awesome she’s smart, sassy, strong,caring and has mad fae butt kicking skills. She also has a past that makes her not want people to get close because she’s afraid of losing them ( which she tends to get close to people anyway because she’s a very caring person).  Ren.. ohhh Ren talk about those “swoon” worthy guys. He’s nice, funny, gorgeous and can turn anything into a sexual reference. Plus you know the whole bigger super secret kick butt ninja thing and he drives a DUCATI… ohhh i think I might have drooled just picturing him ( big plus unlike Daemon who I could only consider adorable and teen swoon worthy I don’t feel like a nasty old lady thinking about how amazing Ren is). So these wonderful characters who have amazing chemistry and banter are apart of a group that kill Fae because the Fae are evil! I can’t remember the last book I read where the Fae where evil and not these amazing beautiful creatures who everyone adored. So there is some great fight scenes especially the end fight. The twist at the end was predictable but you know that didn’t take from the wonderful story.   

Must talk about Tink. Everyone will love Tink. Tink is hilarious with his amazon and troll collecting obsession But I must say I love Jerome. He is not mentioned much but I need to know if Jerome got his dang cake! He moved his diet points for that cake!! Did Jerome survive? He better have. 


The story is wonderful. The characters are fabulous and the setting perfect. I’m biased ,as I said I adore everything this woman rights but she deserves my undying fan love. This is just another book series of hers that I can not wait to continue reading.  So if you are a fan of Adult paranormal romance this is a book you should pick up. Its fun, it’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you swoon and at points it will break your heart

Light Easy Steampunk Read

Chronicles of Steele: Raven: The Complete Story - Pauline Creeden


Chronicles of Steele

Pauline Creeden



Reviewed by Ash Rowe ( The Reading Chameleon)


3 Stars


I have been wanting to read this book since I saw it on Goodreads so when I got the opportunity to read it and review it I jumped all over it.   This book is one of those books that came out in episodes but I read all of the episodes in one volume.  I think I might have preferred  reading it as it came out in episodes.  It took me awhile to get into the book I think it might have been the pace was too slow but the story,characters and world was well written. I might have enjoyed it more in smaller doses. It caught and lost my interest a few times through out the book. 


Raven is a reaper, her father was a reaper and so on down the line. She was trained from a very young age to be an assassin by her father. As a reaper what life she takes she must make amends and save a life.  Raven now is one of few reapers left and reapers are not as loved as the use to be. She is getting ready to stop her reaper ways and settle down with the boy she grew up with and fell in love with. As she heads that way she saves a young boy from drowning who happens to be the young baron of her world. The barons father wants him dead and Raven is hired to guard him and take the young boy to a witch to help figure out what is wrong with him that causes machines to break.  


I enjoyed Raven as a character she was awesome and kicked butt. She also had vulnerabilities that made her relatable. I liked reading about the bond the developed between her and Darius. And the unlikely bonds she formed with the other characters who she came to trust. 


This is a good young adult steampunk adventure and I would recommend it for people who just want a light easy steampunk read. I tend to like more action but the action scenes in this book were not bad. I think I might expected more from a book about a female assassin type character. I think I read somewhere where someone said this story might have been better written in first person as oppose to third I think I might agree with that.  All in all not a bad read, good characters and interesting steampunk world. 

Cute Story

Shifting Triumph; A Paranormal Love Story of Karina and Jules (A Story of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance MagicKeepers Series Book 3) - Jasmine Bowen, Zhu Hsia

This series is cute and makes for a quick read. Its a nice love story between a human and a witch. They have their ups and downs but they are always there for each other and completely loyal to each other. Shifting Triumph was the last in the series and it wrapped up the love story efficiently. I would like a little more information but for the most part we know how things work out.

Looking for a quick love story to read this is a good series. Nothing heavy just plain and simple the struggles of relationship between people who have vast differences but who constantly support and love each other and fight through whatever comes there way to make their relationship thrive.

Ardent Ascension

Ardent Ascension (Rise Of The Ardent) (Volume 2) - Bridget Ladd

Man oh Man Ladd has done it again! This book was AMAZING! The detailing she does with the world was perfect and so enjoyable to read. The descriptions of each character made me wish I could draw these amazing characters and all their details ( I can not draw but maybe I could make some cool stick people renditions.)  It was never over done. It was done in just enough detail so you could get the wonderful visualization of each character and the world Ladd has created. 


I enjoyed reading  Lily’s growth into who she needs to be and learning to be an Ardent. The struggle she had to go through to control herself and not let the blackness take over her was admirable.  Her loyalty to her family, the other Ardents, Xander, Sjern and everyone she wanted to protect was praiseworthy. 


Xander and Lily’s loyalty to each other is heartwarming. The do not confess undying love for each other but mutual respect and the fact that they will always be partners. 


I LOVED all the detail that went in to describing the Ardents that we meet in this book. Especially Razak, He is my favorite besides Lily of course.


The battle scenes made everything go by so fast and had me flipping the pages still at 3am.  


This series is going to be one that will be etched in my mind for a very long time. Such great characters, a great world, quick wit, and  amazing details. This book is wonderful blend of Steampunk, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action and light romance. Ladd somehow blends them so that it all works together and forms a great story.  I am highly anticipating the next book.

Devoted ( Angel Academy #1)

Devoted (An Angel Academy Novel Book 1) - Emery Skye


I got this book for an honest review. So here is my honest review.


At first it felt slow to start and then I was like I read this story before ,but I realized Its similar to Vampire Academy.  I am by no means saying that the similarity is bad. I enjoyed reading the Vampire Academy series a lot.  


Now instead of Rose you have Anna a noviate in an Academy that is a secret school for angels.  She is there to become a Warrior angel. Like Rose she is very protective over someone. Her sister Amalie. She does whatever she can to protect Amalie from, well, everything.   Theres something ominous going on around the world at other Angel Academies. One by one noviates are disappearing.   Reinforcements were sent in to help protect the angels at Hope Academy. Including Legite Deror. Deror is handsome, strong  and a mystery.  He picks Anna constantly for demonstration in the class he teaches and continuously kicks her butt.   One second he seems to be upset at Anna or avoiding her and the next he is rescuing her and sticking up for her. Amalies boyfriend goes missing a few noviates ( Anna, Amalie and their frenemy) go to the Dark World to go and rescue him, 


Anna is likable and towards the end is kind of kick ass but still vulnerable. I enjoyed reading the hot and cold feelings with her and Deror. Also seeing how she is protective of her younger sister but still gets pissed at her when her sister fucks up was nice to witness because honestly younger siblings are a pain in the butt, but you got to love them and want whats best for them.  Seeing her come into her own and finding out what is happening with her was great to read about. She seems a little more hot headed than the other angels. 


I really liked reading about the Dark World in the flashbacks and when they actually go there. The descriptions of the demons and fallen where, even though the demons were grotesques sounding, done thoroughly and with a lot of detail that you could envision them.


As for bad things there were a few grammatical errors but honestly nothing to turn your nose up at. It doesn’t take from the reading experience.  And you have to just power through some of the first part its a lot of description of the politics and her Academy classes, but most first books in series are like that. 


I would recommend this to anyone who likes reading about angels and anyone who read Vampire Academy and was like damn I wish that series didn’t end. This is a great story with  angels, demons, fallen angels, romance and action.  I’m looking forward to reading the next book to find out what happens with Legite Deror and Anna also is there another trip to the Dark World? Will we meet Anna and Amalie’s Warrior mother? Who is Anna’s father?

Wonder Woman Vol 1 : Blood

Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood - Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Tony Akins

I love ( like many others) Wonder Woman, but sadly I have not actually read a Wonder Woman comic.I got this because on the cover it proclaimed "Expect a lot more Wonder Woman fans after a few issues of this book". I don't think this story would make me a fan of Wonder Woman. I know the basic story and this story took a direction I was not expecting. I really enjoyed the idea that Diana was made from Clay and to find out that it was a lie was kind of a let down for me. Besides that, I do love greek mythology and always enjoy reading about greek pantheon. It was decent and I think I should read the other versions of Wonder Women before I judge it harshly. I'll continue this series to see how the story plays out.

Dystopian, Steampunk, dash of Fantasy all WONDERFUL

The Lotus Effect (Rise Of The Ardent Book 1) - Bridget Ladd

I was given this book for an honest review.

Honestly, I’d give this a 4.5 I was seriously close to LOVING this book. But, I just really, really liked it. The only reason it is not a 5 is because it started off slow and it seemed like it was going to be some kind of Hunger Games follower. BUT!! BAM! easily became a book I hated putting down.

You get a great dystopian with a kick ass steampunk thrown in and a splash of fantasy. Ladd painted the world beautifully. Everything from the buildings to the armor ( freaking loved the description of the armor) and weapons. The action was great and the romance between Xander and Lily was not one of the “instant love” things or a love triangle. Lily was at first a little whiny ( given that she was the Mistress of Sciences daughter and the next in line for the title I assume being privileged she is suppose to be like that) and I didn’t think I was going to like her character but she became such an amazing kick ass selfless resourceful chick. Xander, what would any story be without the mysterious man who is out for revenge and willing to help out the woman who is trying to save the people. Xander and Lily were such a great match and the playful conversation in some instances where great. Even the bad guys where wonderfully written. I loved hating them! ( Does that make sense?). It ended with a wonderful cliffhanger and I can not wait to figure out what happens next with Lily and Xander.

I think any reader who enjoys action ,some politics , steampunk, tiny bit of romance and great characters would like this book. Great Book!

Wicked As She Wants by Delilah S. Dawson

Wicked as She Wants (A Blud Novel) - Delilah S. Dawson

Romance, Sex, Vampires, steampunk, blood thirsty unicorns/peacocks, rats and rabbits, action, pirates, enchantments, brothels, zeppelins and Criminy makes an appearance .. Seriously what is not to like about this book? 

I enjoyed every minute of this book Ahnastasia's haughty better than you peons attitude. Her dark humor and her banter between her and Casper and her and Keen. Watching her become something more than a better than you vampiric princess and seeing her being bad ass and needing protection. Just Casper.. I adored Casper especially after what happened to him in the first book. 

I'm hoping theres a book with Keen coming I liked her survival instincts and sense of humor. I want to know how she turns out. 

I love the world and how it has a lot in common with ours. The descriptions of everything paints a wonderfully clear picture on how everything looks. 

Such a wonderful fantastical book. I can not wait to read the next in the series. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed book 1 ( Wicked as They Come : Blud #1)or anyone who likes to read about vampires, steampunk, action and humor.

Little Girls and Their Ponies by Meg Collett

The novella was another great story by Meg Collett. She does such a wonderful job of pulling you in and feeling for the characters.


Alice was a wonderful character to read about. After a horrible accident that took the life of her horse that she loved, leaving her with scars all over her body and other disfigurements along with a broken heart and ego and cause her father tons of damage to his brain Alice has taken to living a hermit life style inside her makeshift room. She's really depressing to read about and my heart broke for her. She hated her scars, was in pain and couldn't even look at her self in the mirror or the scars on her body. Her heart was aching for the horse she grew up with and she lost touch with everyone but what seems like her mom who was always trying to pull Alice into some kind of normal behavior. Along come Matthew a high school acquaintance who has taken over the family Vet office. He needs her help in housing some horses and she says yes even though its hard for her. Slowly Matt and the horses bring Alice out. Alice became such a strong brave character throughout this story and it was uplifting to read about her trying to recover and the role Matt played in it. A very bittersweet ending that I didn't expect.

The Darkest Touch ( Lords of the Underworld#11) by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Touch - Gena Showalter

I LOVED every minute of this book. I could not get enough of Torin and Keeley.  Their back and forth banter was great. I laughed out loud enough to look like an insane person.  The heat between these two HOT! HOT! HOT!!  Plus, to finally have Torin’s story, which I have been waiting for ever so impatiently, was executed amazingly!  There was never a dull moment, The action, drama , humor and sexiness. 


Torin loved this character since he was introduced always the man left behind and can’t touch anyone without a barrier on his skin. This book though he gets to come out swinging! Loved warrior Torin instead of behind the scenes Torin. There was a few times I wished I could have smacked him, but he redeemed himself every time. 


Keeley… One word AMAZINGNESS!! I FREAKING LOVE KEELEY! She’s hilarious and doesn’t take shit. She’s got some mega balls on her and I love that she’s crazy as hell. She also has such a huge heart and has suffered her fair share. All that she had to go through in her past and all that she had to go through for Torin made me adore her more.  Defininetly one bad ass bitch and quickly became one of my top 5 favorite characters I’ve ever read. 


Also, the side story was WONDERFUL. I’m now anxiously waiting for this to come together. 


Action packed Kickassery! Lots of sexiness! Amazing story! Great cast of characters! Humorous banter! Never a dull moment. I shall be anxiously waiting for the next book in this series.

The Waking ( Ruin 1) by Lucian Bane

Ruin: The Waking - Lucian Bane

Really great paranormal romance/Erotica. I didn’t put it down till I was finished. I loved the humor and banter between Ruin and Isadore. 


I am really looking forward to reading the next  and seeing what exactly Ruin is besides Judge and Executioner for evil and what Isadore is in all this.   


Can not wait for the next book!

Deathly Loved

Deathly Loved - Christina Marie Morales

I liked the idea behind this book. Death passes down through the family to the first born and this time the first born is female. I found it cool how Delilah and her Father seemed to escort the good souls and her uncle and cousin the dark souls. The way the Fates tied in with Death and the fact that Delilah’s best friend was one of them was interesting. I would have liked more interaction with them

It was a nice story . I think I was expecting more action then what there was. It did set up for another book in the series nicely though. I just don’t think this book was for me.

I look forward to reading the first book in the other series this author writes

Fakers by Meg Collett

Meg Collett is quickly becoming one of the authors that I don't care what she writes I'm going to read it, even though it's not a genre I usually read. She has a way of pulling you in to the story that makes you feel like you are there.


Kyra Aberdeen has some dark shit in her past but she plasters a smile on her face and tries to fake it through her life. At first I thought that was strong of her until I started noticing she did not seem to be dealing with her true feelings well. Loved that Hale called her out and their relationship was entertaining to read. It was so hot and cold with them and the verbal exchange at times was so funny I found myself laughing out loud. For those who enjoy the steamy parts they were VERY HOT.


I liked Hale he was just a grumpy, misunderstood, call it like I see it man. But, he was sweet and stuck up for those who needed it and was there for Kyra throughout the book.


Cade was charming and I like to read more about the guy.


And Stevie the best friend Kyra makes when she moves to the Island. Stevie has her own demons but she was there for Kyra and Kyra was there for her. Loved Stevie even with her issues. She put Kyra through some shit towards the middle but Kyra was there for her and towards the end Stevie was there for her even though she put Stevie through some heartbreaking shit.


This book was very hard to put down. Lucky for me is I read it on a Saturday so I didn't have to put it down but for a few minutes here and there. It was a wonderful read and the author makes you feel the emotions as you take the roller coaster ride of them through the book. This book was heartbreakingly wonderful and at the end made you happy.


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