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Shifting Control; A Paranormal Love Story of Karina and Jules (A Story of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance MagicKeepers Series Book 2)

So, the continuation with Jules and Karina's love story was cute. They had some tough times and I enjoyed reading how they worked through it. I like their relationship and how they are always there for each other. 


Again, I was excepting more paranormal. Especially, towards the middle because of where they ended up for Jules sake.


 I still enjoy Karina and how she is still following her dreams and succeeding and how she's still so accepting of Jules,  but there were parts ( like, where Jules said she shouldn't where a 3/4 sleeve shirt )  I also did not approve of her belittling the gamblers girlfriends and wives. For someone who is supposed to be so accepting and equal opportunity I think she'd be more considerate. Also, enough about her metabolism.


I enjoy Jules coming more into play and showing more of his abilities. I liked reading about his struggles and him powering through them and also how he was always there for Karina. 


The characters and setting in the middle of the book was a lot like Xmen , to me at least, which isn't bad I like Xmen.  Still having the transition issues and there was times where  what happened in the first story was repeated. I understand they want to make sure we know what happened before hand but it seemed over done.


It was an okay story, I would recommend this to someone who wants a quick light paranormal, light romance read. I will be reading the next one because I'm hoping that more action comes into play and I want to know what happens with the characters.

Shifting Identity (A Paranormal Fantasy Romance Novel) (The Magickeepers Series Book 1)

Shifting Identity was okay. It was....cute? I'm not sure how to explain it. It wasn't anything amazing but I don't feel like I wasted my time reading it. For a paranormal love story I think I was excepting more paranormal and more action. I'd give it 2.5 stars not exactly 3 stars because although it was okay there was some things that knocked it down for me, but I don't want to say I didn't like it. I did finish it.


I do like Karina and how she's such a strong girl who knows what she wants and goes and gets it and doesn't let anything stop her. I like how she was all for equal rights. There were some things about her that bothered me but it didn't take from the characteristics that I liked about her.


Jules was interesting. He was sick and in debt most of this book. And possibly and alcoholic.  He had a rough past which I think would be a more interesting story than the romance between him and Karina.  He was very sweet to Karina and when he found out her secret he was accepting of it. He also is wonderful to his best friend Fleur.  


There was some parts where time seemed to have skipped days and I didn't catch the transition. The flow was a little off and the writing would switch at times. 


I would recommend this book to someone who wants a light paranormal with light romance and a quick read. 

The Only One by Meg Collett

The Only One - Meg Collett

Meg Collett pulls you into this wonderful world where the end of days are nearing and all this horrible stuff is happening. She has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are there with the characters going through everything they are. My heart ached so much in this book ( especially for Loki probably should have for other characters but I adored Loki). I was experiencing all the bittersweet happiness that they did.


So much is sacrificed in this war and the story is just perfect. Everything all the characters had to do for the sake of getting heaven back to those who deserve it was heartbreaking. This book had me not wanting to put it down,at times trying to read as fast as possible to find out what happens and other times about to throw my kindle at frustration for some of the choices that was made. The conclusion was superb. I could of sworn at the end I was going to start crying ( not a normal thing for me to do when reading)


I really enjoyed this series. It seems like it would be a straight out bad vs good but it wasn't it was about acceptance, love, forgiveness. It was all about the grey area. The doing what is right even if it might be wrong. The characters were amazingly written and had such great individual personalities. I'll be honest I didn't think I'd like this series when I started the first book but it really pulled me in towards the end and the rest of the series kept a strong hold and I couldn't wait to read them.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes books about angels and anyone who likes romance. I've read books that were romance books before but this one seriously was one of the most lovingly romantic book I've ever read and not just in terms of Michaela and Gabriel's relationship but the friendships that grew between the characters and especially Michaela and Clarks friendship.


Can not wait to read more books by this author.

A Wonderful sequel. Can not wait for the next book.

The Lost One - Meg Collett

This book had me from page one. I did not want to stop reading it. 

I loved reading about Clarks parents and how they met and why Iris did what she did. 

There was more of Clark who is becoming more and more my favorite character and more bad ass.

More action and Michaela kicking butt and even when she fails she gets back up and keeps fighting for what she feels is right. 

Loki appears again and is more involved and leaves Michaela with a cryptic message at the end that seems to coincide with a vision Iris has had. 

Gabriel is still trying. I think the last book left me not caring for his character but he redeems himself in this one and at times makes me feel for him and the ending he has in this book is great. 

Meg Collett writes great characters that pull you in and make you want to keep reading about them and their struggles. The story will pull you in from the start and hold you to the end. The way she describes Hell was almost as wonderful as she had described heaven in the first book. This book was fast paced and there was so much going on that setting it down to do everyday stuff was difficult. 

And now I'm off to continue reading book 3 which I picked up as soon as I finished this one. I have to know how this ends!

The Hunted One by Meg Collett

The Hunted One - Meg Collett

If you like Angel books and you want a new twist on them read this series. You’ll enjoy this one. 


 The description of heaven was thorough and wonderful without being overly done. 


 Loved the angel pairs thing and how Michaela ( normally in angel books it would be Michael) was a female and the General of the Archangels of Heaven. 


I did not think I was going to finish it or even like it that much.This book started out slow but pretty dramatic. And I just did not like Michaela. Towards the end I got pulled more into it and I really enjoyed  the different take on the Heaven and Hell story and how she made the angels more flawed.  I also started liking Michaela for her flaws and the fact that when shit got tough she could have turned her back but she kept going ( even though she seemed to whine a lot).


I enjoyed learning about the Angel Hierarchy and what their roles are in heaven. 


Clark was probably my favorite character. He had his issues but he pushed through them to be with Michaela. He was always by her side  and I enjoyed reading about how their friendship grew. 


I like that Michaela and Gabriel’s relationship was not perfect as it was suppose to be since they were paired. I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing what happens here. I’m kind of hoping Michaela leaves him be because honestly toward the end I did not like Gabriel but I suppose “Hell changes an angel” maybe 


I’m hoping to see more of Loki and what his take is in all this. He seemed like a interesting character to me. I’m kind of hoping the end of the world happens so I can read more about the Horsemen. 


So, you have the end of the world, crazy angel experiments which lead to some screwed up angels and the issue with who to trust and the grey area of what is right and what is wrong, the person she loves is in hell, some of her friends are backstabbers and some are being used as examples.  And now the one person she can trust seems to have an alcohol issue and other issues of his own.  What is not to like about this book! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series and learning more about the Nephilim and The Watchers and what their part in all this is. I plan on starting book 2 tonight!

Sixth Grave on the Edge

Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson) - Darynda Jones

The crazy antics, ass kickery, humor and amazingess continues.  


 Charley still has not told her son of satan boyfriend yes or no yet. She has to get a guys soul back that he lost in a card game to a dealer. Her FBI agent friend pretty much dropped Reyes folder of how he was possibly kidnapped as a child in her lap. She has to make amends with Rocket. Trying to set up Cookie and Ubie. Figure out what her father is up to.  Some men want Charley to find a witness who is scheduled to testify against their boss, a crime lord. If she doesn't do it in 48 hours some closest to her will suffer. Dealing with the dealer who happens to be someone Reyes is acquainted with. And now the 12 beast from hell are coming to get her.  All that and she still has the curious case of who Mr. Wong actually is,  Figuring out what to do with the naked dead guy is sitting next to her whenever she climbs in Misery, Helping Quentin out, theres also dealing with Angels mother and finding out a little more about him and figuring out all her badass Reaper skills she's capable of.


 Have I mentioned how much I love this series. The characters are so well written and the action and pace is fast and fun. The hot scenes are HOT ( but how could they not be with Reyes). Charley is hilarious and I love the quotes at the beginning of the chapters.   At the end is an amazing cliffhanger and I look forward to reading the next one.

Lust, Money and Murder

Lust, Money & Murder - Mike Wells

 This book easily hooks you in with the first 10 pages. Its fast paced and the main character is a strong smart female. I enjoyed the changes in scenery and getting into the world of counterfeit money. 


 This book is part one of three so I was left on a cliffhanger and I'll be picking up the rest when I can because I want to know if she ever got her revenge and If Nick is really in trouble.


 Good quick crime fiction read. 



Pantomime - Laura Lam

Not much time today so quick and fast


Gene/Micha character is a character I haven't yet had the chance to read about in other books and I enjoyed it. The character makes you think about how we treat gender roles.  The mystery of the character doesn't take long to figure out and you're given the answer quickly.  The trials Gene/Micha go through is heartbreaking and why Gene/Micha runs away is tragic but understandable.


The flashbacks between the past and the present ( being Micha in the circus) flows well and gives good background information


 I enjoyed reading about Michas relationship with Aaena and Drysten and also the struggles that the character went through trying to figure out their identity.


Drysten intriques me and I'll be reading the rest of the series mostly for him and for the hopes of the fantasy mystery of the Kedi and the bring that existed before mythology actually gets fleshed out. The fantasy part seems to be barely touched on in this book but I have to say what little it gives made me want to keep reading just to see what happens. 


 All in all a nice read.  Characters are interesting. The pacing of the story is a little slow. I'll be reading the rest of the series because I have a feeling its going/hope it is going to get really good. 


Splintered - A.G. Howard

I like to read as many variations of Alice in Wonderland as possible. I liked this darker take on the classic story.

Alyssa is hearing voices from flowers and bugs. Her mom is in an asylum drinking everything out of teacups and talking to flowers and bugs. The boy she loves next door is dating the girl she hates. Poor young troubled Alyssa. Everything is only get worse for her when she goes down the rabbit hole.

Some of the characters I didn't care for. Mostly Jeb but he did have redeeming qualities and at points he didn't annoy me. Morpheus is just a selfish asshat who wants to use Alyssa for his own goals but maybe he does care for her deep down.Plus he has a bad boy rock star thing going for him which for some reason make me like him and all his asshat ways. I might like Jebs twin Jen but we didn't see much of her. I hope she might make appearance in the next books.

As for the story I truly enjoyed the way it went. I liked how nothing was what it actually seemed in the Lewis Carroll's tale but something more gothic. I liked learning about Alyssa's family past and how maybe her family is not as crazy as everyone thinks. It was fun going on this darker Wonderland adventure and partaking on some of my favorite adventures but with darker twists. I enjoyed the songs in the book and the netherling characters were wonderful creatures. The setting was well described and easy to picture.

I might have only gave this book three stars but I think its mostly because at some point with the love triangle all I could think of was " Ugh, a Twilight in Wonderland."And there was points where in my opinion it was so slow to get through. It did get better and I do think the next books in the series will be better. I look forward to reading the rest and continuing the crazy dark adventures in this Wonderland.

Under the Empyrean Sky by Chuck Wendig

Under the Empyrean Sky  - Chuck Wendig, Nick Podehl

   Months ago I started reading Chuck Wendig's blog I enjoy it so much I decided I needed to read one of his fiction books.  This looked like a good one to start with. Its a Dystopian YA with corn that is taking over and maybe thirsty for blood, Hobos, a lottery, action, Elite people living in the sky.mystery, a disease that turns people into some kind of vegetable monster and lots of rebellion. 


  The characters live in The Heartland where everything seems to revolve around genetically modified corn. Corn that is taking ever and runs everything. Corn that if you stand in it too long might actually kill you. Corn that seems to give you tumors. It gives me a whole new reason besides The Children of The Corn movies not to go in cornfields.  There is an Obligation Ceremony these kids have to attend to find out who they are going to marry by having a piece of paper drawn.  They also have a lottery in which if your name gets drawn you get to live with the Empyreans in the sky. At first it seems like an amazing thing but the more you read the more it seems like it would be better just to remain in the Heartland.  


I enjoyed reading about the different family backgrounds of the kids. Some was heartbreaking and some was heartwarming. 


I'm interested in reading more about this world and to see if Cael succeeds in his missions. 


Now I have to say the parts I listened to on audiobooks was wonderful. The narrator did a great job even if I think he made the girls voices a little weird sounding (a little whiney and screechy), but I doubt I could do a great job with male voices.  


Overall I enjoyed this book and look forward to continuing the series. Probably ,like this time, I'll listen to the audio and read it. 



The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch

A while back I was walking around a bookstore and a book cover caught my eye. I picked it up intending on reading it but realized it was the third in a series. Of course I had to go search for the first one. Come to find out that I owned the kindle version and did not know.


Best Luck Ever!


Straight away I knew I was going to enjoy the book. Thievery, violence, underestimation of women (and the way some women used this slight), witty banter and an amazing story.

I loved this book. If there is any book that has made me love fantasy it's books like this one. Books where the characters even the wonderful bastards they may be are easy to like and sympathize with. Where vengeance for family and friends is carried out to the fullest. The heist the Gentleman Bastards pulled where so much fun to read about.

Usually mysteries in books don't catch me off guard but for some reason I was surprise at who The Spider was.


The flashbacks/interludes were pulled off seemingly well in my opinion. Sometimes when authors do that I get lost but this book it flowed smoothly.


The fantastical Renaissance setting was wonderful for this story.


If you enjoy fantasies with vengeance, blood, action and some of the greatest not kid friendly humor this is a book you need to read. Not too be read but need to read. Loved this book! Loved the characters!

What a way to end

The Queen of Zombie Hearts - Gena Showalter


  Ive read many books in which I get attached to the characters.  This is definitely a series in which I’ve become attached to them. Every heartache and every joyous moment I feel like I am sharing it with them.  I get pissed at them for some actions they take and actually have to put the book down so I don’t throw it.   To me I think that is when you know you’ve read a wonderfully amazing book.  I’m really sad to see it end.


 Loved the action, this series never lacks in action. Love Cole and Ali’s chemistry and entire relationship.  Honestly I love the chemistry between all the characters. Its just wonderfully written. The characters as alway are fun, interesting and just easy to get attached to.  There is an amazing twist in there that just made the series  way better. Totally did not see it coming.  


If you are ready to release Cole, Ali, Kat, Frosty, Reeve , Nana and all the others this ended wonderfully. It’ll pull you through all the emotions and you’ll hate that its ended ( or you can be like me and cross your fingers that the author surprises us by bringing them back. I'd really like to have more of Chance and Mackenzie. Actually, I think I'd like a series about Rivers crew :) ) but the ending is great.


If you feel like reading a wonderfully written, fun filled action YA book that has zombies. Grab this series.

The King by J.R . Ward

The King - J.R. Ward

This was the paranormal series I started after reading the Sookie Stackhouse series. It was different and I loved it.  Every book taking on the different relationships. The conflicts. The love, the cheesy humor and the action I loved every minute of it.  Getting to know the next relationship was something I got excited about.  I bought the books for those reasons.


Its going downhill. Not to say I did not enjoy aspects of this book. I love Wrath and Beth's relationship and the whole conflict that has arisen in this book. I really would love to find out what happens to the couples she introduces us to. But, the writing I'm not sure what happened. I don't know if maybe I've been reading better books that haven't made me feel like I'm drowning in marketing gimmicks or slang. I usually do not complain about the use of "WTF" and "OMG"s but to me this time it was a bit overwhelming ( and to be honest there was a few I had no clue what they meant ) especially with all the pop culture references. 


I liked this book. I enjoyed parts of it and I will be reading the next ones only to hope that they will become better again. 


Blood for Blood: The Vengeance War - K.L. Gee, Tom Wright

This is the first book I've read by this author and I will be coming back for more.

The world and characters were very well described and made it easy for me to picture. I love the fact that each faction used different elements to teleport. It reminded me of a mixture of Brandon Sanderson’s books and Avatar. I enjoyed all the fast paced action, there was not a point where I was wondering if I was going to make it through.

The characters were all wonderfully written and had their own unique personalities and problems to overcome. I would love to read more about them in another installment.


I received this ebook through a giveaway and enjoyed every minute of it. :-)

Reading progress update: I've read 180 out of 501 pages.

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch

I'm loving this book. I knew by the first chapter I would get stuck in this world. 

Lock Picking for New and Experienced

Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester's Training Guide - Deviant Ollam

 I just picked up lock picking as a hobby when my husband took me to a Maker Faire and they had a little session on it. I fell in love with it. I've always loved locks, weird I know, but how they look and the mechanics of them interested me.  


  This book was easy to read and follow. The author made everything understandable and he gave wonderful instructions on how to further your skill.  The illustrations where easy to comprehend and went well with the book .  Since reading this book my skill has advanced and my interest in lock picking has grown deeper.  With all the suggestions  this book is a wonderful place to begin.  I'd read it even before you buy your first lock and lock picking kit Deviant Ollam makes wonderful suggestions that I wished I knew before hand. 

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