The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch

A while back I was walking around a bookstore and a book cover caught my eye. I picked it up intending on reading it but realized it was the third in a series. Of course I had to go search for the first one. Come to find out that I owned the kindle version and did not know.


Best Luck Ever!


Straight away I knew I was going to enjoy the book. Thievery, violence, underestimation of women (and the way some women used this slight), witty banter and an amazing story.

I loved this book. If there is any book that has made me love fantasy it's books like this one. Books where the characters even the wonderful bastards they may be are easy to like and sympathize with. Where vengeance for family and friends is carried out to the fullest. The heist the Gentleman Bastards pulled where so much fun to read about.

Usually mysteries in books don't catch me off guard but for some reason I was surprise at who The Spider was.


The flashbacks/interludes were pulled off seemingly well in my opinion. Sometimes when authors do that I get lost but this book it flowed smoothly.


The fantastical Renaissance setting was wonderful for this story.


If you enjoy fantasies with vengeance, blood, action and some of the greatest not kid friendly humor this is a book you need to read. Not too be read but need to read. Loved this book! Loved the characters!