Under the Empyrean Sky by Chuck Wendig

Under the Empyrean Sky  - Chuck Wendig, Nick Podehl

   Months ago I started reading Chuck Wendig's blog I enjoy it so much I decided I needed to read one of his fiction books.  This looked like a good one to start with. Its a Dystopian YA with corn that is taking over and maybe thirsty for blood, Hobos, a lottery, action, Elite people living in the sky.mystery, a disease that turns people into some kind of vegetable monster and lots of rebellion. 


  The characters live in The Heartland where everything seems to revolve around genetically modified corn. Corn that is taking ever and runs everything. Corn that if you stand in it too long might actually kill you. Corn that seems to give you tumors. It gives me a whole new reason besides The Children of The Corn movies not to go in cornfields.  There is an Obligation Ceremony these kids have to attend to find out who they are going to marry by having a piece of paper drawn.  They also have a lottery in which if your name gets drawn you get to live with the Empyreans in the sky. At first it seems like an amazing thing but the more you read the more it seems like it would be better just to remain in the Heartland.  


I enjoyed reading about the different family backgrounds of the kids. Some was heartbreaking and some was heartwarming. 


I'm interested in reading more about this world and to see if Cael succeeds in his missions. 


Now I have to say the parts I listened to on audiobooks was wonderful. The narrator did a great job even if I think he made the girls voices a little weird sounding (a little whiney and screechy), but I doubt I could do a great job with male voices.  


Overall I enjoyed this book and look forward to continuing the series. Probably ,like this time, I'll listen to the audio and read it.