Splintered - A.G. Howard

I like to read as many variations of Alice in Wonderland as possible. I liked this darker take on the classic story.

Alyssa is hearing voices from flowers and bugs. Her mom is in an asylum drinking everything out of teacups and talking to flowers and bugs. The boy she loves next door is dating the girl she hates. Poor young troubled Alyssa. Everything is only get worse for her when she goes down the rabbit hole.

Some of the characters I didn't care for. Mostly Jeb but he did have redeeming qualities and at points he didn't annoy me. Morpheus is just a selfish asshat who wants to use Alyssa for his own goals but maybe he does care for her deep down.Plus he has a bad boy rock star thing going for him which for some reason make me like him and all his asshat ways. I might like Jebs twin Jen but we didn't see much of her. I hope she might make appearance in the next books.

As for the story I truly enjoyed the way it went. I liked how nothing was what it actually seemed in the Lewis Carroll's tale but something more gothic. I liked learning about Alyssa's family past and how maybe her family is not as crazy as everyone thinks. It was fun going on this darker Wonderland adventure and partaking on some of my favorite adventures but with darker twists. I enjoyed the songs in the book and the netherling characters were wonderful creatures. The setting was well described and easy to picture.

I might have only gave this book three stars but I think its mostly because at some point with the love triangle all I could think of was " Ugh, a Twilight in Wonderland."And there was points where in my opinion it was so slow to get through. It did get better and I do think the next books in the series will be better. I look forward to reading the rest and continuing the crazy dark adventures in this Wonderland.