Pantomime - Laura Lam

Not much time today so quick and fast


Gene/Micha character is a character I haven't yet had the chance to read about in other books and I enjoyed it. The character makes you think about how we treat gender roles.  The mystery of the character doesn't take long to figure out and you're given the answer quickly.  The trials Gene/Micha go through is heartbreaking and why Gene/Micha runs away is tragic but understandable.


The flashbacks between the past and the present ( being Micha in the circus) flows well and gives good background information


 I enjoyed reading about Michas relationship with Aaena and Drysten and also the struggles that the character went through trying to figure out their identity.


Drysten intriques me and I'll be reading the rest of the series mostly for him and for the hopes of the fantasy mystery of the Kedi and the bring that existed before mythology actually gets fleshed out. The fantasy part seems to be barely touched on in this book but I have to say what little it gives made me want to keep reading just to see what happens. 


 All in all a nice read.  Characters are interesting. The pacing of the story is a little slow. I'll be reading the rest of the series because I have a feeling its going/hope it is going to get really good.