A Wonderful sequel. Can not wait for the next book.

The Lost One - Meg Collett

This book had me from page one. I did not want to stop reading it. 

I loved reading about Clarks parents and how they met and why Iris did what she did. 

There was more of Clark who is becoming more and more my favorite character and more bad ass.

More action and Michaela kicking butt and even when she fails she gets back up and keeps fighting for what she feels is right. 

Loki appears again and is more involved and leaves Michaela with a cryptic message at the end that seems to coincide with a vision Iris has had. 

Gabriel is still trying. I think the last book left me not caring for his character but he redeems himself in this one and at times makes me feel for him and the ending he has in this book is great. 

Meg Collett writes great characters that pull you in and make you want to keep reading about them and their struggles. The story will pull you in from the start and hold you to the end. The way she describes Hell was almost as wonderful as she had described heaven in the first book. This book was fast paced and there was so much going on that setting it down to do everyday stuff was difficult. 

And now I'm off to continue reading book 3 which I picked up as soon as I finished this one. I have to know how this ends!