Shifting Control; A Paranormal Love Story of Karina and Jules (A Story of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance MagicKeepers Series Book 2)

So, the continuation with Jules and Karina's love story was cute. They had some tough times and I enjoyed reading how they worked through it. I like their relationship and how they are always there for each other. 


Again, I was excepting more paranormal. Especially, towards the middle because of where they ended up for Jules sake.


 I still enjoy Karina and how she is still following her dreams and succeeding and how she's still so accepting of Jules,  but there were parts ( like, where Jules said she shouldn't where a 3/4 sleeve shirt )  I also did not approve of her belittling the gamblers girlfriends and wives. For someone who is supposed to be so accepting and equal opportunity I think she'd be more considerate. Also, enough about her metabolism.


I enjoy Jules coming more into play and showing more of his abilities. I liked reading about his struggles and him powering through them and also how he was always there for Karina. 


The characters and setting in the middle of the book was a lot like Xmen , to me at least, which isn't bad I like Xmen.  Still having the transition issues and there was times where  what happened in the first story was repeated. I understand they want to make sure we know what happened before hand but it seemed over done.


It was an okay story, I would recommend this to someone who wants a quick light paranormal, light romance read. I will be reading the next one because I'm hoping that more action comes into play and I want to know what happens with the characters.