Little Girls and Their Ponies by Meg Collett

The novella was another great story by Meg Collett. She does such a wonderful job of pulling you in and feeling for the characters.


Alice was a wonderful character to read about. After a horrible accident that took the life of her horse that she loved, leaving her with scars all over her body and other disfigurements along with a broken heart and ego and cause her father tons of damage to his brain Alice has taken to living a hermit life style inside her makeshift room. She's really depressing to read about and my heart broke for her. She hated her scars, was in pain and couldn't even look at her self in the mirror or the scars on her body. Her heart was aching for the horse she grew up with and she lost touch with everyone but what seems like her mom who was always trying to pull Alice into some kind of normal behavior. Along come Matthew a high school acquaintance who has taken over the family Vet office. He needs her help in housing some horses and she says yes even though its hard for her. Slowly Matt and the horses bring Alice out. Alice became such a strong brave character throughout this story and it was uplifting to read about her trying to recover and the role Matt played in it. A very bittersweet ending that I didn't expect.