Ardent Ascension

Ardent Ascension (Rise Of The Ardent) (Volume 2) - Bridget Ladd

Man oh Man Ladd has done it again! This book was AMAZING! The detailing she does with the world was perfect and so enjoyable to read. The descriptions of each character made me wish I could draw these amazing characters and all their details ( I can not draw but maybe I could make some cool stick people renditions.)  It was never over done. It was done in just enough detail so you could get the wonderful visualization of each character and the world Ladd has created. 


I enjoyed reading  Lily’s growth into who she needs to be and learning to be an Ardent. The struggle she had to go through to control herself and not let the blackness take over her was admirable.  Her loyalty to her family, the other Ardents, Xander, Sjern and everyone she wanted to protect was praiseworthy. 


Xander and Lily’s loyalty to each other is heartwarming. The do not confess undying love for each other but mutual respect and the fact that they will always be partners. 


I LOVED all the detail that went in to describing the Ardents that we meet in this book. Especially Razak, He is my favorite besides Lily of course.


The battle scenes made everything go by so fast and had me flipping the pages still at 3am.  


This series is going to be one that will be etched in my mind for a very long time. Such great characters, a great world, quick wit, and  amazing details. This book is wonderful blend of Steampunk, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action and light romance. Ladd somehow blends them so that it all works together and forms a great story.  I am highly anticipating the next book.