Light Easy Steampunk Read

Chronicles of Steele: Raven: The Complete Story - Pauline Creeden


Chronicles of Steele

Pauline Creeden



Reviewed by Ash Rowe ( The Reading Chameleon)


3 Stars


I have been wanting to read this book since I saw it on Goodreads so when I got the opportunity to read it and review it I jumped all over it.   This book is one of those books that came out in episodes but I read all of the episodes in one volume.  I think I might have preferred  reading it as it came out in episodes.  It took me awhile to get into the book I think it might have been the pace was too slow but the story,characters and world was well written. I might have enjoyed it more in smaller doses. It caught and lost my interest a few times through out the book. 


Raven is a reaper, her father was a reaper and so on down the line. She was trained from a very young age to be an assassin by her father. As a reaper what life she takes she must make amends and save a life.  Raven now is one of few reapers left and reapers are not as loved as the use to be. She is getting ready to stop her reaper ways and settle down with the boy she grew up with and fell in love with. As she heads that way she saves a young boy from drowning who happens to be the young baron of her world. The barons father wants him dead and Raven is hired to guard him and take the young boy to a witch to help figure out what is wrong with him that causes machines to break.  


I enjoyed Raven as a character she was awesome and kicked butt. She also had vulnerabilities that made her relatable. I liked reading about the bond the developed between her and Darius. And the unlikely bonds she formed with the other characters who she came to trust. 


This is a good young adult steampunk adventure and I would recommend it for people who just want a light easy steampunk read. I tend to like more action but the action scenes in this book were not bad. I think I might expected more from a book about a female assassin type character. I think I read somewhere where someone said this story might have been better written in first person as oppose to third I think I might agree with that.  All in all not a bad read, good characters and interesting steampunk world.