Wicked by Jennifer L Armentrout

Wicked - Jennifer L. Armentrout


Wicked Saga book !

Jennifer L Armentrout


There are authors out there that I love to read so much that I do not even think twice when picking up their newest book. Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn has never disappointed me. I love her YA and Adult books. 


Now as for my review on Wicked. I loved the New Orleans setting and the descriptions of the buildings it makes me want to go there. Ivy is awesome she’s smart, sassy, strong,caring and has mad fae butt kicking skills. She also has a past that makes her not want people to get close because she’s afraid of losing them ( which she tends to get close to people anyway because she’s a very caring person).  Ren.. ohhh Ren talk about those “swoon” worthy guys. He’s nice, funny, gorgeous and can turn anything into a sexual reference. Plus you know the whole bigger super secret kick butt ninja thing and he drives a DUCATI… ohhh i think I might have drooled just picturing him ( big plus unlike Daemon who I could only consider adorable and teen swoon worthy I don’t feel like a nasty old lady thinking about how amazing Ren is). So these wonderful characters who have amazing chemistry and banter are apart of a group that kill Fae because the Fae are evil! I can’t remember the last book I read where the Fae where evil and not these amazing beautiful creatures who everyone adored. So there is some great fight scenes especially the end fight. The twist at the end was predictable but you know that didn’t take from the wonderful story.   

Must talk about Tink. Everyone will love Tink. Tink is hilarious with his amazon and troll collecting obsession But I must say I love Jerome. He is not mentioned much but I need to know if Jerome got his dang cake! He moved his diet points for that cake!! Did Jerome survive? He better have. 


The story is wonderful. The characters are fabulous and the setting perfect. I’m biased ,as I said I adore everything this woman rights but she deserves my undying fan love. This is just another book series of hers that I can not wait to continue reading.  So if you are a fan of Adult paranormal romance this is a book you should pick up. Its fun, it’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you swoon and at points it will break your heart