The God Organ By Anthony J. Melchiorri

The God Organ - Anthony J Melchiorri

A Futuristic Medical Mystery set in the year 2036. An artificial implant named Sustain helps grant those who can afford to get it near immortality.  Now those who could afford to get them are suddenly dying off. 


This book had me hooked in the preface. Not even into the first Chapter and I all of sudden was intrigued by what is going on. We take this thriller of a ride trying to figure out why these people who are supposed to be living longer healthier lives are all of a sudden dying. The story is written from many point of views of people who have crossed paths with or are actually affected by what is going on at Lyfegen and their issue with the Sustain malfunctioning.  Also it seems to touch on ethics. How far would you go to keep your job? What would you do to keep your friends? 


The twist and turns in plot was wonderful and trying to figure who or what causes the Sustain to fail was a fun mystery to try and solve. The ending was perfect.


 I also liked the whole aspect that this may be what our future is looking forward to It actually caused my husband I to have a wonderful discussion about immortality and the effects it would have on the economy and what would we do if we had the option to get something like the Sustain. 


This book was a very enjoyable science fiction medical mystery/thriller. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery/thriller.