The Dark Realm ( Feyland #1)

Feyland: The Dark Realm - Anthea Sharp


I was given this book for an honest review.


Jennet is a spoiled rich girl whose daddy helps design and market the Feyland and the gaming system it play on. She is the first to play the prototype and gets immersed in the fairy tale game. But, something goes horribly wrong. The game is not what she thinks it is.  Her father had to move to a new town and Jennet had to go with him because she needs to be with the game Feyland. She spends her time trying to find the best gamer in this poorer school she now attends. After finding him she has to convince him she shouldn’t be judged just because she has money and that she needs him to help her beat this game. 


Tam Lin is a quiet poor boy from the bad side or town. He keeps to himself and has family issues that keeps him from wanting to make friends. He is also the best gamer in town. 


Watching Tam-Lin’s and Jennets friendship was sweet. It had a lot of mistrust and secrets but slowly the began to trust each other and believe in each other. I enjoyed the whole Fey gaming world. I personally play video games and can become immersed in them ( or before kids I could now I’m a sporadic game player) . The gaming story was beautiful and imaginative it was not the sweet fairytales it was like the classic ones where there was good, bad, trickery and taught you a lesson.  I loved how she intertwined the ballad of Tam-Lin into the book. 


I enjoyed this book. I do not think its my age range but It was a good read. I would recommend this to any 12 year old or YA fans. Especially if they like gaming and Faery tales. I can see myself picking up the rest of the series for a fun, quick, light read. But like I said I would definitely recommend this to the YA/ younger YA gaming/ Faery Tale fans. 


Well written, fun, enjoyable, YA book. Love the gaming faery tale.