Lock Picking for New and Experienced

Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester's Training Guide - Deviant Ollam

 I just picked up lock picking as a hobby when my husband took me to a Maker Faire and they had a little session on it. I fell in love with it. I've always loved locks, weird I know, but how they look and the mechanics of them interested me.  


  This book was easy to read and follow. The author made everything understandable and he gave wonderful instructions on how to further your skill.  The illustrations where easy to comprehend and went well with the book .  Since reading this book my skill has advanced and my interest in lock picking has grown deeper.  With all the suggestions  this book is a wonderful place to begin.  I'd read it even before you buy your first lock and lock picking kit Deviant Ollam makes wonderful suggestions that I wished I knew before hand.