What a way to end

The Queen of Zombie Hearts - Gena Showalter


  Ive read many books in which I get attached to the characters.  This is definitely a series in which I’ve become attached to them. Every heartache and every joyous moment I feel like I am sharing it with them.  I get pissed at them for some actions they take and actually have to put the book down so I don’t throw it.   To me I think that is when you know you’ve read a wonderfully amazing book.  I’m really sad to see it end.


 Loved the action, this series never lacks in action. Love Cole and Ali’s chemistry and entire relationship.  Honestly I love the chemistry between all the characters. Its just wonderfully written. The characters as alway are fun, interesting and just easy to get attached to.  There is an amazing twist in there that just made the series  way better. Totally did not see it coming.  


If you are ready to release Cole, Ali, Kat, Frosty, Reeve , Nana and all the others this ended wonderfully. It’ll pull you through all the emotions and you’ll hate that its ended ( or you can be like me and cross your fingers that the author surprises us by bringing them back. I'd really like to have more of Chance and Mackenzie. Actually, I think I'd like a series about Rivers crew :) ) but the ending is great.


If you feel like reading a wonderfully written, fun filled action YA book that has zombies. Grab this series.